Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cebu Marathon 2011, Here I come... :D

This Sunday will be the test of it all. It's been half a year since I was bitten by the running bug. I'm just so excited for Cebu Marathon 2011 and to finish the half marathon. 21K.

Last Tuesday, it was announced that the list of the registered  runners is already available. So I immediately searched my name and WALLA! Found yah... :D

By the way, that's mah name, encircled in PINK, under the 21K category of CCM 2011. When I saw this, my excitement went through the roof that I have to close "My Kingdom", IAFT's Editing Lab, for a while to jump for joy.

Yesterday, I went to the office early so that I can go home early and get my race kit in Ayala. When I arrive in Active Zone, I don't know why but I feel ecstatic. I just keep on smiling to everyone. Got a coupon for the Carbo-Loading party tomorrow and check the sensor of my race BIB. By the way, my number is 1584, black in a light green background, and below it is written "HALF MARATHON", white in a red background. Wow, I'm really running a half marathon.

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