Sunday, January 9, 2011

Half Marathoner

Last Saturday. All I did was sleep. Played Weapons of War (WoW), an online game, in the morning and sleep the entire afternoon until night time. Wake up, and played WoW again. I can't go back to sleep. I'm so excited for the Cebu City Marathon 2011 on Sunday. So I just relax.

Around 2 A.M., I was thinking if I'll wear my costume or not. But then, I promised to Brother Siegfred, the best armor craftsman ever, that I'll wear his armors in my run, so I decided to wear it. I think it's time to fix and update them for the next run though. Also, I've already decided a long time ago that I'll not wear a running shoe anymore in my runs. In fact, I'm wearing what I call my "HUARA-TSINELAS".

 At I.T. Park, the first thing I did when I arrived there was relax. I met some UNGO runners. Say our good lucks. At the starting line, I am with my UNGO family. It is so feastive. It's like a prequel of the main Sinulog Mar de Gra. 

In the road, I am running with with Ms. Bikik, Ms. Nora and an UNGO boy. While we were running, or walking most of the time, we already met the fast ones so we cheered on them. We became a cheerer squad. Had picture2x with the province's travel spots along Osmeña Blvd. And just have FUN along the way.

The CCM 2011, is the BEST. Water stations with Sinulog dancers and masseuse or masseurs for cramp muscles. Cold sponge for the heat. I even meet my former teacher, Engr. Militar and he was encouraging me to finish. Thank you Sir.

And then, my feet. It's the second time that I"m wearing my Huara-tsinelas, I tested it last New Year for a 5K practice run. It felt good then, but yesterday, it's like I just have a reflexology for 3 hours. I guess that muscle cramp would have been better but when your feet hurts as if something is pricking it every step of the way, it's a different story. I already walked my way starting from the turning point of 21KM in SRP. I tried to run, but it just hurts so much. So I tried to walk faster.

When I reached in Gorordo area, I stopped for a while. I was thinking that it might be the end for me. I'm 2.5KM away from the finish line. But then, I remembered what I said at the starting line, I'll finish this race that I'll have to walk if I can't run or crawl if I can't walk. And so I walk. Limping actually. 2KM mark and I rested again with a massage and ate my favorite, Cloud 9. And, I continued to limp. 1KM mark. I told myself that I'm almost there. A few kilometers to go. Turn left when I reached I.T. Park. Almost there. I tried to run, but my feet won't just do it. So I was limping with the agonizing pain in my feet towards the finish line. With my UNGO buddies encouraging me to finish. The shout of the people. The feastive moment. I can see the Finish Line. And I can't stop anymore. So, I limped myself to the finish line.

Limping my way to the FINISH LINE while finishing my FIRST Half Marathon... :D

It's really different when I'm a few steps from the finish line. I was filled with emotion. Emotion I can't contain. I can't believe that I finished my first Half Marathon while limping from the pain of my feet and raising my arms to heaven. I was congratulated by Doc Willie at the finish line.

After all that, I just wanted to rest. So, I searched for a place to sit and found a corner. Limping my way towards it. Sit down while shouting "AGAY". Get out from my hand and body armor and placed it in front of me. Turn my head down. And for 5 minutes... I CRIED...

Thank you Sydney for this picture perfect shot... :D

Thank you Snr. Sto. Niño for the strenght and will power that you've given me to finish my first half marathon. Thank you to CERC and the organizer of CCM 2011, it's really a BLAST. And, thank you for my UNGO family, for the support and the lechon after the run. Thank you all... :D


  1. Loyde, at naging blogger ka na rin...hehe

  2. Kuya Lloyd, I am adding you to my blog roll!
    Congrats on your first half-mary!