Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Tale of Fit and Fat

Rey Ferdinand Carreon Maribao says "ayaw join ungo oi...jog and walk ra ba na sila... frc gyud ta... wa man gani to mo join nila para unique group gyud na... way tambok na kuyog... hahahaha" (Don’t join the Ungo Runners. They just jog and walk. We’re FRC. We decided not to join them because we are a unique group. We don’t run with fat people.)
Yes I'm FAT. Even my best friend calls me BABOY and has been "FORCING" me to ride a bike with him (too bad, I don't know how to ride a bike... SERIOUSLY). He even "POINTS OUT the ADVANTAGES" why it's better to ride a bike than to run.

Now, I run simply for the fun of it. Especially after feeling GREAT while doing a few runs. And, with running, I found a family... the UNGO... :D

We might not have a bodybuilder's physique, biceps as big as our thighs or washboard abs but we have a HEART. A heart that cares for every runners, UNGO or not, fat or fit, young or old, ladies and gentlemen. A heart that enables us not to leave anyone behind in our Friday Night Runs. A heart that pushes us to go forward, if you can't run, WALK, if you can't walk, crawl, just don't ever give up in finishing the run/fun run/race cuz we'll NEVER LEAVE YOU BEHIND... This is US. This is UNGO [og dagan].

To all the newbies (including ME.. :D) out there, fun runners and running enthusiasts, you're all invited to join our weekly Friday Night Runs. You'll not just become a member of a "CLUB", but you will become a part of a FAMILY... :D